Pilot Shortage / Minimums /disconnect

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Re: Pilot Shortage / Minimums /disconnect

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daedalusx wrote: Sun Aug 18, 2019 3:14 pm The ol' metro is a lot of airplane for a 600hr wonder, especially in winter. Carson had a low experienced Capt in a green on green situation do a runway excursion in Regina on a "PMA" ILS couple of years ago (I believed they touched down something like 8000' long). As far as I'm concerned, Kingair or PC12 are much more forgiving for less experienced crews.

That being said, I'd still trust more the 1500 hr ATPL holding metro left seater than the 1500 hr Jazz cadet/flight instructor who bought their ATPLs driving in circles around YYC.

[edit] Actually it was 7900' long
They touched down halfway down the 7900 runway, the full length was 7900 feet. Maybe it's time to read things 3 times before posting fake news....trump.....
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Re: Pilot Shortage / Minimums /disconnect

Post by iflyforpie »

Coppertop401 wrote: Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:03 pm I still think there are companies out there that insist on sticking to their minimums no matter what, and as a result the positions go unfilled for weeks and weeks.
Who says these positions are going unfilled?

Lots of it is a high rate of attrition and creating a pool of suitable candidates. It’s not getting zero resumes from qualified people and then putting the ad up again hoping to get someone qualified.
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Geez did I say that....? Or just think it....?
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Re: Pilot Shortage / Minimums /disconnect

Post by co-joe »

Coppertop401 wrote: Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:03 pm To all:

What an interesting and insightful thread I've created. All of the POV's expressed either positive or negative on the state of the industry and the overall job market were very helpful.

I still think there are companies out there that insist on sticking to their minimums no matter what, and as a result the positions go unfilled for weeks and weeks. Perhaps the minimums are set by their insurance carrier, or simply by mere attitude of the hiring decision maker. Agreed that some are beginning to get it by lowering the minimums and giving new pilots a chance. I think this is overall healthy for the industry.

Great discussion and thanks to all who contributed.
I think this industry has been an employer's market for so long that nobody knows what to do. My last company has had adds out for captains for over a year now without a single qualified applicant, yet their pay scale was written 15 years ago and they still refuse to look at it. Their only response has been to just lean on the current employees harder, work them more, and generally treat them worse, which has caused more people to leave.

As for low time pilots, Contrails forces them to provide good training or they'd certainly cheap out on that too. As a result, 200 hour FO's go to Sim in the states, get a really good training course, and then get a 100 hour line indoc. Even then they don't meet contrail so they fly the line more part time till they have the time on type requirements. For me flying with them, I never had any problems with their skills.

The problem is that outside of the oil patch, and the government funded medevac programs, companies are still doing shitty training. A low time or even just inexperienced FO is as useless as the training you are willing to give them. And there's no level D sim course for .. running in a Navajo, caravan, 206, etc.

The only difference I found between 200 hour FOs, and those with 1500 hours, is the 1500 hour ones, whine more about not being a captain yet. :lol:
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Re: Pilot Shortage / Minimums /disconnect

Post by Vsquared »

Any insight into which companies are offering rotations to low hour FO's?
EPR wrote: Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:59 pm
JohnnyHotRocks wrote: Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:01 pm How did we ever win WW2 with all those 200 hr kids flying fighters and bombers?
...Well, that was a much...ahem.. "hardier generation".. to say the least!

My observation in regards to smaller companies competing for Pilots with the Regionals is that about the only thing that remote 703/704 operators have done to entice Pilots to their operation is to offer "rotations" to and from anywhere in Canada and paying out "retention" bonuses. I think this is a definite sign of the beginning of these operators realizing that the "Pilot market" has changed. (Prior to now, I think Borek was the only operator that ever offered rotations).
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