Possibly returning to Canada

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Re: Possibly returning to Canada

Post by CAL »

Canada is a different country from when I left....
Thank goodness for its natural beauty
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Ray Darr
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Thanks! Re: Possibly returning to Canada

Post by Ray Darr »

Thanks, everyone, for each of your continued replies.
Every bit of your help... helps... and not just for me but others in the same situation.
Keep 'em coming!
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Re: Possibly returning to Canada

Post by 180 »

I think you’d have to look at a move back to B.C as primarily a lifestyle decision. And remaining in a plane would be more for the love of the game (and some grocery, beer and gas money) rather than any sort of career progression.

Perhaps like the GM of a very high end hotel in Vancouver deciding to move back to the Gulf Islands to run a bed and breakfast back on his home island, surrounded by his friends, family, and the peace and quiet he missed in the city.

If you can move to where you really want to live, buy a home there for cash, stick a million bucks in the bank, and be happy flying a “little” plane for a fraction of the money, and basically remain a pilot for the love of the game while living the life you want to live, where you want to live it, then you might be very happy coming home.

The dream of any sort of lateral move coming home as a pilot is probably unrealistic. A glimmer of hope might be in a management position.

I believe Transport Canada is looking for civil aviation safety inspectors, flight operations, with the possibility of being based out of Vancouver.
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dumbbell daddy
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Re: Possibly returning to Canada

Post by dumbbell daddy »

WestJet, AC are hiring. Transat and SWG as well. Possibly quick upgrades at all 3 (besides WestJet). You could probably get a DEC gig at Flair and work your ass off for low pay. There's been a few Challenger ads lately. Most probably pay at least $130K or more. TC is hiring POI's. 100K + to start, pension, benefits, probably working 3 days a week.

Congrats on your success overseas and your decision to come home. It sounds like you were pretty successful judging by your experience and education. I hope you piss off some of the posters here and take advantage of everything Canada has to offer, while keeping your nest egg as tax efficient (or hidden overseas) as possible.

PS. Nothing pisses off some of these idiots more then when you say you're just flying for beer money now or just something to do....while they're slugging away in this highly taxed country.

All the best and welcome back.
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