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Porter Airlines First Officer Recruitment Program

Post by Julie- PorterPRA » Thu May 12, 2016 4:33 am

Porter Airlines First Officer Recruitment Program (PAFOR Program)

Porter Airlines and its partnering flight schools are excited to announce the introduction of the Porter Airlines First Officer Recruitment Program (PAFOR Program).

Students selected by Porter Airlines for participation in the PAFOR Program will be paired with a Porter Airlines pilot who will act as a mentor to help provide guidance in their career development. Once a candidate from the PAFOR Program has accumulated between 1,000 and 1,500 hours and IATRA/ATPL written, he/she will be placed in an interview pool for a First Officer Position with Porter Airlines.

Porter Airlines recognizes the value in getting some flying experience before joining an airline as well the importance of mentorship. Pilots will meet their mentors at the Porter Open House in June. The focus of the mentoring is to provide general guidance and not “how to get to Porter our way”. We want to help you put your best foot forward and guide you along a path that is suited to you, will make you happy and allow you to succeed at your best!

Pilots graduating from one of the following schools and programs in 2016 or 2015 may apply to the PAFOR Program:
Brampton Flight Center - Integrated Airline Transport Pilots Licence Program
Waterloo Wellington Flight Center - Conestoga College Aviation General Arts and Science Diploma, University of Waterloo Aviation BES/BSc
University of Western Ontario - Commercial Aviation Management Program
Moncton Flight College - Mount Allison Bachelor of Science in Aviation, Diploma in Aviation Technology IATP, IATP/ICPC Program
Seneca College - Bachelor of Aviation Technology, Airline Pilot Flight Operations Program
Algonquin College - Aviation Management Program

Eligibility Criteria:
Graduating students from select flight schools may apply to the PAFOR Program online via the following link. https://portercareers.rivs.com/58-67-18/

The application portal will open May 1st 2016 and close May 31st.
Students are required to self-identify and apply to the PAFOR Program. Students who have successfully completed their program (or are forecast to soon) may apply. Applicants that do not meet the criteria below may still apply but require a recommendation from the program delegate.

• Minimum GPA of 3.00
• Completion of program within the prescribed time frame
• No fails on TC Flight Test (partial passes are acceptable)
• No failed courses during program of study
• Recommendation from program CFI, DFO, Program Chair or senior instructor
• Demonstrated high level of professionalism and personal deportment while completing the Flight Training Unit (FTU) program of study. Attendance, punctuality, and conduct as would be expected from an aviation professional
• Demonstrated strong work ethic, and self discipline. Is friendly, courteous and displays leadership potential at the FTU and/or within the community
• Legally able to work in Canada and obtain a Restricted Airside Access Identification Card (RAAIC)

Application Process:

1. Complete application profile through this interview portal
2. Upload cover letter and resume
3. Proof of available flight test results required
4. Proof of available TC written exam results required
5. Copy of Academic Record required
6. Porter Airlines values safety-minded individuals who share our enthusiasm for delivering best-in-class customer service. In 2-3 paragraphs, tell us why you want to join the Porter team and how you would add value to our culture

Successful candidates will be invited for a preliminary interview to be completed at the Flight Training Unit or Porter Airlines.

For students that may not have completed the FTU’s training program by the application deadline, the CFI or Program head will be contacted about the candidate's application and he/she will be considered for the PAFOR Program selection on a case-by-case basis.

Important Dates:
Application Opens May 1st 201
Application Closes May 31st 2016
Interviews June 6-17
PAFOR Program Open House at YTZ June 30th.

For questions please contact Julie.beverstein@flyporter.com
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Re: Porter Airlines First Officer Recruitment Program

Post by Starbuck44 » Thu May 12, 2016 9:53 pm

Hi Julie,

Any chance that other colleges will be added to the PAFOR program in the future?

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Re: Porter Airlines First Officer Recruitment Program

Post by Julie- PorterPRA » Fri May 13, 2016 7:04 pm

Yes for sure!

We hope to add Confederation College and Sault College in 2017. There are always option for more as well.
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