Mac startup sound volume control?

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Mac startup sound volume control?

Post by Carrier » Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:40 pm

Like many Mac owners I want to reduce the volume of the startup sound on our Intel Macs to a preset level, while maintaining the speaker volume at a different set level for all other purposes. Some years ago I downloaded Arcana StartupSound Preference pane. I have v1.1b3. This allowed the startup sound volume to be independently controlled or muted. It worked fine to reduce the startup sound to an acceptable level on our iMac with OSX 10.5.8. I have never used mute as the startup sound has a diagnostic purpose.

Last week I moved the iMac OSX from 10.5.8 to Mavericks via the Snow Leopard DVD and then free online upgrades. Now the Startup Sound Preference pane does not work. Every time the iMac starts there is a loud and offensive "Bong" that wakes the household if someone starts the iMac during the night.

Searching online I have been unable to find a solution. I called Apple Support and they are unable to provide a solution within Apple's OSX or other software. They suggested there might be a third party add-on but after checking then advised that the Arcana StartupSound Preference pane does not work on later versions of OSX. This is not good enough!

There was a thread on in 2011 regarding this issue. That this issue comes up on so many forums, that so many Mac owners have used the ARCANA add-on and that so many are in 2014 still searching for an alternative is an indication of a widespread need for this facility. Why after so many years of demand has Apple itself still failed to address the problem? Yet again Apple has failed to smooth out the rough edges and properly develop its "Style over Substance" OSX product to suit what so many users are asking for.

In the absence of ARCANA upgrading their add-on to operate on OSX 10.9.4 and Apple's failure and uncaring attitude what other solution is there to controlling the Mac startup sound volume?
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