Cessna 185 vs. Cessna 206

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Re: Cessna 185 vs. Cessna 206

Post by SuperchargedRS »

WastedFlyer wrote:
Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:05 pm
. How do the service ceilings compare...?
They are unpressurized piston planes, never been a fan of flying above o2 range, shoving junk into my nose and hauling o2 tanks, homie don't play that game.

But to the topic, flown both, including light 206s (including u206s with 550s and extensions), I bought a A185F on edo amphibs, works great for my mission, if you know how to fly those floats you'll be able to get in most anywhere and still get a hair over 120ktas. On wheels she'll land damn near anywhere too.

Unless you really need that rear cargo door the 185 is the top dog.
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Re: Cessna 185 vs. Cessna 206

Post by goingnowherefast »

Starboardwing wrote:
Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:34 pm
Seems there are some knowledgeable 206 operators out there so i'd like to ask if anyone could offer some insight on this matter.

I flew a TU206C this past summer. Engine new as of a year ago. After engine break in period, i began noticing that on full power takeoff, that FF would show 35-38gph (redline 31). We operate with GEMs and this indication was corroborated by both a/c FF and GEM. High FF was consistent on first flight of the day. Subsequent takeoffs would show less than red line FF. however CHTs generally would stay under 400F. Hard to say whether aircraft was producing less than full power, given the tip tanks added lift and the generous power on takeoff.

I hear the turbo 206's can be finicky, but any ideas as to what might be causing the inconsistent FF on takeoff? I am reluctant to use partial power takeoffs to keep FF closer to red line. and while im more concerned about the lower fuel flow on subsequent takeoffs, the CHTs seem to be sitting at fairly decent numbers after takeoff, and without an appreciable differece in take off performance.... well maybe im looking into it more than i need to be!?
What is the manifold pressure on the first take-off? I have heard of turbo controller issues when the oil isn't completely and entirely warmed up. Basically you get a little extra boost, meaning more fuel flow too.
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Re: Cessna 185 vs. Cessna 206

Post by geodoc »

Apparently "your mileage may vary". I flew a T206 amphib for a company for 4 years based in Portland in later 90's. It made it to TBO and never had a cylinder replaced during it's life (factory re-man). It was operated with a GEM engine monitor and had cowl flap extensions. It was, as an aside, a Wipaire landplane conversion w/ RH FWD door mod and mod(s) to remove the salt water ops limitation.

Violently expensive engine to overhaul though.

Fairly decent airplane, though kinda water-lovin compared to the 185. It was a little better after the Sportsman leading edge kit was installed.
Cat Driver wrote:
Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:29 pm
The turbo charged 206 is very expensive to operate partly because of the high failure rate of cylinders.

It does not perform as well as a 185.

But it is comfortable.

The doors are a pain in the ass because of their positions.

If you don't care about cost the 206 is a good choice all things considered.

I have over 8oo hours on a 206 amphibian.
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Re: Cessna 185 vs. Cessna 206

Post by edmanster »

Long time ago i asked same question to an oll-timer pilot 185/206.
His simple answer was do you want to make money? or u just wanna spice up ur logbook ..
The 206 has more volume capacity than the 185. & they carry approx the same payload. Its a lot more easier to convince a customer that 2 trips are required when you cannot fit anymore in a 185 than it is to convince same customer you're max-ed out on weight & half the cargo space is empty in a 206. What do you believe is the customer's first opinion of u ??? The 185 will takeoff with most everything you can place inside it .. The 206 will not. Check out the crash & burn statistics. There is a higher probability of pushing the aircraft limits to satisfy customer demands in a 206.
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