Serious answers where will I get funds from?

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Re: Serious answers where will I get funds from?

Post by ayseven » Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:53 am

How long is a piece of string?

I started in this game sometime in the last century. I worked for a small airline, saved like mad, did not go into any debt, and paid for my flight time, while paying rent at home and elsewhere. I have to admit, due to the long periods of unemployment, I was burnt out by the time my career got legs, so I quit, and went into something else that actually made money.

Lesson? If you want it badly enough, you can do it. Never take no for an answer, stay positive, and even if you do not feel you fit in everywhere, as you progress, your own personal goals become clearer. Do not give up hobbies, especially ones that don't cost anything.

Aviation is a tough world. Nobody will hold you by the hand and tell you how to get ahead, because they all want your job, and get upset when you get the one they wanted. The only field probably worse is the entertainment business. Did I say, "stay positive"?
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Re: Serious answers where will I get funds from?

Post by rookiepilot » Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:23 am

The fact anyone even considers Go - Fund me to try to leech money for flight training off of their friends and total strangers shows how far we as a society have fallen.

No pride even competing with cancer patients and others who have actually experienced real tragedy is truly disgusting.

I wouldn't speak two words to any pilot who I knew had done this.
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Re: Serious answers where will I get funds from?

Post by photofly » Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:31 am

rookiepilot wrote:
Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:23 am
I wouldn't speak two words to any pilot who I knew had done this.
Pinkie promise? :D
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Serious answers where will I get funds from

Post by OraliaAssus » Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:33 am

As a young bloke about to spend a significant amount of cash on my training I want to be sure Im doing the training at the right place.

I understand I need to look at the schools track record, what opportunities they can offer me when I finish, be comfortable with my instructor etc. but Id be keen to hear the opinions of people in the industry.

I live in Adelaide but plan on moving to Canberra in the near future. I have plenty of family there and can get good money to assisst in paying for the training. My thoughts therefore were to train with HeliAir. Can anyone independent recommend or advise against this?

Thanks in advance
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