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Re: YVR Flow

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rookiepilot wrote:
Braun wrote:I stopped replying to people in this thread because clearly it isn`t worth arguing over. You have your opinion and often they aren't fact based. I just wanted to add this. You guys say you would rather be vectored/hold than ground delays. Well I can 100% say that the airlines do not want this (maybe pilots do but not your management). It's been said time and time again that burning more fuel is never the best way to go. Also, these NOTAM's are not always due to staffing. It's easy to assume things about ATC, because at the end of the day all you hear is delays and our voice on the freq. Truth is there so many things that go on behind what the pilot can actually hear. Also, why is no one blaming airlines or local airport operators for delays? 90% of the time delays brought upon you guys has nothing to do with ATC but closed taxiways, runways, weather, airline scheduling etc...I don't mind taking the blame for mistakes I make but I have never went to work with the intent of delaying aircraft because I am too tired or I don't feel like working.

Also, people can say what they want about Nav Canada management, but they have really focused on training for the past 3 years and it is a main priority right now at Nav Canada. I can't remember the last time management was actually this easy to work with in finding solutions to resolve staffing issues.

The overtime protection is a myth, just stop.

I also don't know where you guys got the numbers where our CEO makes 3.1 million per year, but that's doubtful. I have seen the reports on management salaries and it is no where near that.
It appears you're wrong then, about your own company. Page 79:

Certainly they aren't proud of it, burying within a giant report.
https://www.navcanada.ca/EN/about-us/Fi ... nal_EN.PDF
pension value is yearly compensation or over his time with Nav? I'm not an expert. I never said I was right, I said that's not the information I had BTW.
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