Greater Toronto Airports Authority - Specialist, Aviation Regulatory Programs

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Greater Toronto Airports Authority - Specialist, Aviation Regulatory Programs

Post by MarinaStilli » Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:32 am

Position Summary:
Reporting to the Manager, Aviation Regulatory Programs, this position is responsible for the maintenance and support activities of Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Operating Certificate.

Key Accountabilities:
• Create submission packages for Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs) and for Deviation to Standard / Exemption requests to Transport Canada
• Review and monitor the AIPs on an ongoing basis for accuracy and submit formal requests for changes as required
• Perform development, maintenance and support activities for the Airport Operations Manual (AOM) and all applicable appendices, including responsibility for all updates to the General Section and Parts 1-3 of manual
• Create amendment packages for Transport Canada
• Implementation, development, maintenance and/or support activities for existing program documentation including but not limited to the following: gate and taxilane restrictions; apron and maintenance run procedures; and (AOM)
• Conduct a weekly review of Transport Canada’s CARs website and provide weekly summary to the Manager, Aviation Regulatory Programs of any regulatory changes, new Advisory Circulars or additional information that may impact Toronto Pearson
• Review all proposed regulation changes as they relate to airports and provide a report to management and Transport Canada on the effect the changes may have on airport operations or any potential regulatory burden
• In collaboration with the Aviation Specialist role, create Plans of Construction Operations packages for all airside construction projects that are likely to affect the accuracy of information contained in the AIPs as required, as per Transport Canada’s regulatory requirement
• Conduct reviews and provide comments on engineering design drawings at the 60, 90 and 100% stages as well as Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) submissions to ensure adherence to CARs, TP312 and optimal operational flow
• Responsible for ensuring the completion and coordination of ICAO Type A and Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) surveys, interpreting the raw data and submission to Transport Canada
• Coordinate the work of obstacle removal as required
• Conduct and document on a scheduled and planned basis routine airfield inspections as part of the Airport Self Inspection Program against TP312, CARs, and GTAA standards and communicate findings to day-of management and business units responsible for corrective action
• Work with the Airside Coordination Specialist on unplanned and adhoc airfield inspections
• Conduct follow-up inspection activities related to corrective action plans
• Conduct and document return-to-service inspections as required for areas closed as part of the Airside Activity Program and communicate findings to day-of management and business units responsible for corrective action
• Recommend to day-of management return-to-service authorization or denial as appropriate
• Assist the Manager, Operations AVS during irregular operations events (e.g. snow, lightning, deicing) to ensure compliance with CARs and TP312
• Develop, prepare and/or provide input into other comprehensive, in-depth reports, briefing notes, presentations and other documents, including but not limited to: monthly presentation and/or report for Transport Canada on local issues with regulatory implications; requests for proposals and contracts for procurement; impact assessments including regulatory impact assessments; compatibility studies; threat/hazard identification and risk assessments; operations bulletins as required
• Assist the Manager, Aviation Regulatory Programs with tasks related to various national and international committees, CAC-OSTA, CASOP, Transport Canada CARAC, ACI-NA and ACI-World Working Groups, in support of influencing regulatory direction
• As required, participate as co-chair in the absence of the Manager, Aviation Regulatory Programs for all required committee, sub-committee and other meetings

• Post-secondary degree or diploma in Airport Management, Aviation, Technical Communications or another relevant program
• Minimum three (3) years’ experience working with regulations in a highly regulated aviation operation environment
• Minimum five (5) years’ experience in airport operations or airline operations
• Demonstrate experience working with highly technical Engineering or Architectural software including Microstation is an asset
• Extensive experience in writing technical reports, regulatory presentations, operational plans and standard operating procedures
• Experience working with Transport Canada, NAV CANADA, airport community stakeholders and other industry agencies is an asset
• Successful completion of a TP312 familiarization course, or willingness to complete upon appointment
• Valid provincial ‘G’ class Drivers’ License required
• Must possess a D/AVOP permit or be able to obtain within 30 days
• Must be able to obtain and retain Transportation Security Clearance at the designated level for the position

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Sound understanding of an airport operating environment with knowledge of aircraft, airline, and airport operating procedures and emergency procedures and applied knowledge of airfield/apron design
• Knowledge of Aeronautics Act and Canadian Aviation Regulations, TP312, ICAO Annex 14, Air Traffic Management practices, GTAA airside standards and policies
• Specialized knowledge of Pearson International Airport topography and layout of the aprons, taxiways and runways; runway combinations used by Air Traffic Control
• Ability to learn and apply detailed knowledge of Toronto Pearson International Airport topography inclusive of apron gate adjacency rules; layout of the aprons, taxiways, and runways; runway/taxiway combinations used by Air Traffic Control and ability to keep current with changing rules, conditions and/or plans
• Ability to maintain specialized knowledge of relevant acts, regulations, standards, recommended practices and procedures related to airports, aircraft and aircraft ground handling equipment (TP312), procedures for the Certification of Aerodromes as Airports (TP7775), and the types of aircraft and ground support equipment used at Toronto Pearson International Airport
• Knowledge of the relationships and interactions of GTAA operational departments, Transport Canada, NAV Canada, government agencies, airlines and ground handlers
• Specialized knowledge of airside activities and all related operating systems such as airfield lighting and signage, Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS), ground service equipment, passenger boarding bridges, and GTAA future plans for development and/or emerging technologies
• Knowledge of Safety Management Systems including GTAA specific Policies and Procedures, and Risk Assessment process
• Ability to use sophisticated computer software to input data and create technical drawings to depict measurements and operational impacts
• Ability to use Microsoft Word to compile written documents and formal reports
• Ability to use Microsoft Excel to create and generate reports as required
• Ability to use Microsoft Power Point to develop presentation material
• Ability to use highly sophisticated software: MicroStation and AviPLAN
• Ability to utilize automated tools to simulate airside changes and aircraft movement and identifying areas of concern and valid solution development
• Ability to develop, maintain and manage effective working relationships with members of other organizations, including the ability to liaise, both verbally and in writing, with Transport Canada, air traffic control (Nav Canada), air carriers, senior GTAA management and other agencies
• Ability to interact with tact and diplomacy with Transport Canada to influence and convince when discussing how the GTAA has interpreted the implications of regulatory changes
• Ability to effectively interact, develop and manage strong relationships with members of other organizations and other GTAA departments to achieve a safe and efficient operation and ensure follow through of corrective actions
• Work requires strong communication skills for the purposes of exchanging highly technical and operational information with internal and external stakeholders and ensuring the GTAA’s application of regulatory changes is clearly articulated
• Ability to write technical aeronautical related reports, operational plans and standard operating procedures based on interpreting and applying applicable legislation, regulations and best practices
• Ability to effectively manage discussions that can be contentious to correct non-compliances or substandard workmanship
• Ability to represent the GTAA in a professional manner at external forums and present on components of the regulatory programs, including the ability to answer technical questions and act as a Regulatory Subject Matter Expert
• Ability to interpret, apply and provide subject matter expertise on legislation, regulations, process and procedures that impact the airside which include but are not limited: Aeronautics Act and CARS, TP312 certification standards; ICAO Annexes, guidelines and standards; GTAA airside guidelines and policies; Nav Canada practices; low visibility practices and operations; and surface movement guidance and control system development
• Demonstrated ability in reviewing complex drawings and using applied airport operational knowledge and logic to determine whether there is airside safety or operational concerns that need to be addressed
• Ability to analyze engineering designs and provide comments to ensure adherence to regulations and TP312 and good aircraft movement practices, providing recommendations
• Ability to develop solutions including procedures, practices and operational restrictions to ensure safe and effective airside operational flow
• Ability to analyze operational situations and make decisions Including opening and closing runways to facilitate the safe movement of aircraft and optimize capacity
• Ability to interpret and identify the impacts of Transport Canada’s proposed regulatory changes on the airport, develop solutions to deal with the impact of the changes, identify the challenges for the GTAA and be able to identify corrective measures to ensure Toronto Pearson remains compliant
• Ability to use well-developed investigative skills, discretion and good judgment to identify causes of aviation occurrences and provide advice on corrective action to prevent reoccurrence
• Ability to identify all stakeholders involved in a non-compliance and ensure timely direction is issued
• Ability to use a degree of judgement to interpret regulations and standards regarding gating of aircraft to ensure regulatory compliance as well as a safe and effective operation is maintained
• Work requires walking to conduct inspections of airside activities on prepared and unprepared surfaces, bending down to take measurements and the ability to carry out airfield Inspections
• Ability to maintain constant situational awareness to drive airside
• Ability to deal with multiple demands at once by critically reviewing engineering drawings blueprints, topography and other maps and specialized computer simulation systems to identify errors and problem areas while being physically airside interacting with involved stakeholders
• Work will frequently be performed airside resulting in exposure to aircraft and vehicle movements, fumes, aircraft noise, jet blast, inclement weather, dust and dirt, deicing fluid etc.
• The role is generally Monday to Friday, there is some requirement to work evenings and weekends to represent Aviation Services during construction/restoration project return-to-service to ensure compliance oversight activities are undertaken
• Ability to provide support and direction to co-op students during placements within the team

To Apply:
Please visit to apply online.
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