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Northern Flight - Stories from the Sande Years

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:35 am
by asande
I put 'Northern Flight - Stories from the Sande Years' together last fall and released it just before Christmas. This 45 minute documentary was created using digitized Super-8 film, VHS tape and still pictures from the Sande Collection - and the stories are from audio recordings made by Ray Sande as part of his flying history. The Sande Family operated BC Yukon Air Service in Watson Lake, Yukon and Dease Lake, BC between 1971 when the business was purchased until 1989 when it was sold.

I'm not sure how to embed it here, but this is the link the the video hosted on Vimeo:

I also created a shorter video with natural sound and no narration for the purists (I had messed with the video speed, etc. on some shots for effect in the documentary). This one is called "Northern Flight: Spring Fuel Haul - Single Otter on Skiis"


Al Sande