List of Aerobatic facility in Canada

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List of Aerobatic facility in Canada

Post by Easycrashpad »

Hey Guys,

Why not doing a list of all places where you can get an aerobatic training.

Let's begin from East to West. Feel free to copy and paste my list and add any informations.


Rimouski airport / Aviation MH /

Montreal Area :

St Hubert Airport/ Air Richelieu / Cedric Ardin / Super Decathlon / /
Lachute Airport / Lachut Aviation /Luc Martineau / Pitts S2C / Airport /
Lachute Aviation / Cessna 152 Aerobat.


Ottawa Area :

Rockliffe Flying Club / Rockliff Airport / Jonathan Rotondo / Super Decathlon./

Smith fall/ Pitts / Colonel Sanders on the forum and I am sure lots of you know the place /

Toronto Area

Desmond lightbody / Oshawa Airport / Pitts S2A

Upright Aviation Training / Burlinghton airport / Extra 300 /

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association /T6/ Tillsonburg regional airport /

Glider aerobatics :

York Soaring / Arthur, On / K21 and a DG500 /

Manitoba :

Harv's Air / Luc Penner / Citabria / Extra 300 /

Alberta :

Namao flying club / Villeneuve Aiport / Citabria /

Calgary flying club / Springbank Airport / Citabria /

BC :

Canadian Flight Centre / Pitt Meadow Airport / Very Expensive Super Decathlon /

Please feel free to add the names of instructors, qualifications class 2 or class 1 aerobatics, change in fleet / contact / personnal / and a way to rent solo a trainer such as a Super D/ Cessna / Cap 10 etc...

It will help us to try new things and have an easy way to consult how to get an aerobatic training per area


Fly safe.
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Re: List of Aerobatic facility in Canada

Post by photofly »

Ottawa Aviation Services closed December 2019.
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Re: List of Aerobatic facility in Canada

Post by the-minister31 »

Aviation MH is in Riviere-du-loup (CYRI), not Rimouski
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Re: List of Aerobatic facility in Canada

Post by Big Pistons Forever »

Glacier Air in Squamish BC offers aerobatic training in a Super D
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