Abbotsford Airshow 2014

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Abbotsford Airshow 2014

Post by BingoFuel » Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:20 pm

Just updated on the website...

****Bremont Horsemen 3 ship P-51 Mustangs (Dan Friedkin, Steve Hinton, Ed Shipley)***
Heritage Flight foundation P-51, A-1 Skyraider
Beechcraft Military T-6 Texan II Demo
Canadian Forces CF-18 Team
Canadian Forces Snowbirds
Dan Buchanan Airshows
F-86 Sabre Hawk One (Astronauts Chris Hadfield & Jeremy Hansen)
Historic Flight Foundation F-8 Bearcat, F-7 Tigercat, DC-3
Indy Boys Jet School Bus
T-33 Ace Maker Airshows
Team Rocket
Younkin Airshows Beech 18
Arizona Wing CAF B-25 Mitchell

Considering the lack of USAF participation looks very good. The new Friday night twilight show with 3 P-51's should make for some outstanding photos. With the F-35 doing shows in the UK this year, I'd say there's a decent chance of an F-35 making an appearance as well.
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Re: Abbotsford Airshow 2014

Post by dave_091 » Mon May 12, 2014 12:09 am

I remember abbotsford air show in the 80's. Lots of Russian and US military showboating. Good times :)
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