Welcome to Avcanada's 'Echo' Mentor Program

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Welcome to Avcanada's 'Echo' Mentor Program

Post by ... » Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:02 am

Welcome to Avcanada’s Mentor’s program, a first web based project specifically targeting the Canadian aviation community.

We take great pride in the fact that we are breaking new ground with such an initiative to assist future aviation professionals seeking answers and guidance from relatively seasoned professionals for a career in aviation.

We are chartering new ‘air routes’. Therefore, the true theme and intention underlying this mentor program is to have the tools available to support new professionals who are serious and willing to seek out advice from those mentors that are volunteering their free time into helping you and contributing to a healthy working environment in your chosen career niche.

With that, those seeking this volunteered service from other Avcanada board members, you may now 'shop' around for the best mentor suited for you by visiting the Mentor Biography Page

Also this program has written guidelines that must be adhered to. This guideline package will form the foundation of this program.

On behalf of Avcanada.ca, I thank you for being an integral part to this programs success.

Mentoring Program Guidelines

i)Your mentors are all volunteers and all share a unique interest in helping up and coming professionals in this business. Kindly extend them the courtesy of respecting their privacy should they choose to remain anonymous, as they should be respecting yours.

ii)This mentoring program is intended to be a cyber based program. The administration by Avcanada.ca and does not assume any responsibility should you choose to go outside the realm of this sites parameters in order to meet each other in person.

iii)There is no obligation for you to give your real name, or any personal or professional information to your mentor for the purposes of this program.

iv)Should you become uncomfortable with the person you have been matched up with in any way, shape or form, you must inform us (I am Birddog & Avcanada) via either PM or email.

v)Any advice given by your mentor are only suggestions, and any final decision(s) is yours to make. The mentor is only here to provide unbiased advice based on known information provided to them by you.

vi)The mentors or Avcanada, will not be held accountable for anything within or outside of the parameters of the guidelines set forth.

vi)We kindly ask you keep on file all correspondence between you and your mentor.


Would all those that have PM'd willing to be a mentor, kindly make your way to the Mentoring forum. You should now have access into it.


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