CPL with Float endorsement questions???

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CPL with Float endorsement questions???

Post by Irishgypsy1962 »

Hi , Just noticed this site but I do have this write up in another site in AVcanada..... I am fairly new to this and I am hoping that I can have a few questions answered. I do have this on another section "bush flying" and was hoping to find some replies here!

Firstly, I am 45 years of age and following a dream I have had since a kid: being a bush pilot. I never wanted to fly the big jets or even small jets for that matter but would rather fly bush planes. I have started flying lessons and hope to have my commercial with floats by the end of next year. I am thinking about 100 hours on floats and 100-150 on wheels.I have a clean bill of health, strong as an ox and not afraid of hard work.

So, the questions I have are:

1. How hard will it be for me to get a bush flying job with just the base minimum hours for holding a commercial with floats. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world and my wife is 100% behind me. What companies should I be looking at when I do get the CPL with float endorsement?

2. I guess the first question answered would or could lead to the second one. I have abut 20 years experience in guiding fishing trips, teaching fly fishing, guiding canoe trips,Scuba trips, survival trips, hiking, etc...I have comtemplated the idea (if I was too old to work for someone else) of starting up a small touring business in areas that there would be ao lot of lodges (Norther Canada!!). if this was the case, what aircraft would be the best to take 4-6 people at a time? But, I am not sure if it would be worth while.

Anyway, you have probably got an idea of what is going through my mind and any help or leads that you can send my way will be greatly appreciated.

Just following a dream...........
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