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AvCanada Forums2 Advertising / Stats

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If your company may be interested in advertising on AvCanada's forums please visit http://www.avcanada.ca/mediakit.pdf .

AvCanada Stats for http://www.avcanada.ca/forums2 from August 22, 2010 until August 22, 2011

26,327,259 Pageviews
17,219,688 Unique Pageviews
3,585,984 Visitors (came from 221 countries/territories, via 821 Canadian cities)

7.34 Pages/Visit
25.25% Bounce Rate
00:05:54 Avg. Time on Site
20.73% (% New Visits)

Below are a few reports that show the traffic generated just on AvCanada's forums over the last year.

World map of where AvCanada's membership accessed our forums over the last year.
3,585,984 visits came from 221 countries/territories
World map of membership locations
(59.45 KiB) Downloaded 2088 times
Canadian map of where AvCanada's membership accessed our forums over the last year.
3,164,448 visits via 821 cities
Analytics_www.avcanada.ca_forums2_20100822-20110822_(CANADAGeoMapReport) (1).pdf
Canadian map of membership locations
(95.5 KiB) Downloaded 2067 times
26,327,259 Pageviews
Page view Report
(173.83 KiB) Downloaded 1757 times
Top Content (Total and Unique pageviews per top location or forum)
Unique Pageviews 17,219,688
Analytics_www.avcanada.ca_forums2_20100822-20110822_(Unique and total pageviews TopContentReport) (1).pdf
Unique and total page views report
(16.33 KiB) Downloaded 1511 times
Unique Visitor Report
Unique vistor report
(163.29 KiB) Downloaded 1468 times
Average Pageviews Report
Average Pageviews Report
(104.09 KiB) Downloaded 1373 times
Visits Report
Visits Report
(170.98 KiB) Downloaded 1522 times
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